Hi! Happy Fourth of July!

We aren’t having a big celebration where I am since Covid and all makes it so we can’t have a parade, and it’s too hot to use fireworks. I think we will watch Hamilton in celebration, though!

Usually, my family will go downtown and watch the parade, which is very fun and I love hanging out with friends and eating hotdogs afterward.

I spent the last few days with a small cold, which wasn’t fun. It’s pretty hard for me to not be doing something productive and instead watching TV and reading because I love doing things to organize and such. But luckily, I’m feeling a lot better!

I also started a really nice bullet journal! If you don’t have one already, I highly recommend starting one. It really helps you get organized, and you can add a lot of cool pages! It’s very personalizable, and a great way to use any cute journals you have. I’ll share some of my spreads and ideas here soon.

Yesterday I made my own boba from scratch! It did take a while, but it tasted absolutely amazing. Me and Clara (Youngest sister – Olive is at our grandparent’s house) put it on rocky road ice cream. It was truly tasty, but also texture HEAVEN! You make a dough, cook it, and then soak it in a sauce for flavor. In the sauce I made, it has the traditional brown sugar but also a little honey and vanilla for flavor, which worked very well together!

My birthday is coming up soon, and I’m really excited to turn 12. I’m getting my 1st dose of covid vaccine the day after, which I’m very excited to get closer to full covid vaccination! I’m actually pretty scared of needles, but I’m so excited to make it so I and others can be healthier.

Today I switched all my clothes to my summer clothes, which I think I could’ve done sooner since it’s getting so hot outside! I love doing that since I can go through my clothes and re-organize my closet.

Thanks for reading! Do you have a bullet journal? What is your favorite part of it? Make sure to subscribe to the blog!