Hi everyone! How are you all?

I’ve been doing a TON of crafting. I made myself a Harry Potter Time Turner Keychain out of Perler beads, which looks pretty sweet. I’ve also baked some pretzels a few days ago, which were so delicious! If you like being crafty too, make sure to check out the Creative Competition I’m hosting. All in all, I’ve been pretty crafty and creative for the last few days!

A few days ago I bought two Harry Potter-themed tees off Etsy (This and this) for my birthday present to myself. The first one arrived today and I’m SO excited to wear it! The t-shirt is herbology-themed and is absolutely beautiful! Etsy is the best 🙂

My birthday is coming up soon – next week – and I’m super excited to turn 12! I keep on thinking about how weird it feels to be going into 7th grade. It seems like I’m still in 5th! That’s probably because online school started in the middle of 5th grade so it’s really weird.

Going off-topic, I’m thinking about cutting my hair pretty short. Maybe something like this?

My hair is pretty thick but it would probably work with that I think?? I don’t know since I’m not a hair stylist!

Today my family went to play pickleball, which was pretty fun. At the end, Clara and I did a short rally with two paddles each which was pretty funny. This was probably our first time playing pickleball and we got the hang of it pretty quick. We weren’t really playing with any traditional rules, though.

I’m still in the habit of Bullet Journaling! I have mine set up so it only takes me about 5 minutes to fill it out every evening, which is super convenient and gives me some nice time to reflect on the day.
Speaking of, there’s this thing I do every night while I’m getting ready for bed to get me in a calmer state – I think of the best part of my day and what I’m looking forward to tomorrow. If I have no plans for the next day, I look forward to a nice chill day!

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I want to acknowledge the Loki finale was released this week! No spoilers here, but I do want to say it was absolutely awesome and I’m super confused about it xD
And btw, the next Marvel thing to be released “What If?” on August 11th. I’m super excited – it sounds like such a cool concept. (Trailer below!!)

I’m so excited for all that’s coming with phase 4 of Marvel. I can’t imagine how complex and (in the eyes of geeky me) beautiful it’s going be!

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Well, I think that’s all I have to say about my summer life right now!
What have you been up to? Got anything you want to share? Answer in the comments, and make sure to share my blog with your friends!