About The Girl Who Lived

Hi! Welcome to my blog. It was created on Mar. 4, 2021. I named it The Girl Who Lived in honor of my gigantic obsession with the Harry Potter series.

On this blog, you can find out what I’ve been doing, tutorials, and more! I try to post every 4 days or so.

About Me –
I’m an energetic tween who loves baking and crafting. A few random things I like are hot glue and bubble tea. I’m a Hufflepuff and Cancer.

Animal – Red Panda or Goat
Food – Vietnamese Food
Dessert – Can’t choose a favorite, but I love chocolate profiteroles and bubble tea.
Movie – Captain Marvel, HP and the SS, or Hamilton
Show – Great British Baking Show or Fuller House
Book Series – I’m OBSESSED with Harry Potter. Siriusly.
Podcast – Swish and Flick! (Spotify)
Celebrity – Beyonce! (#BeyHive)

Also, just for context on some of my posts, I have two younger sisters – Olive (9 years old as of 2021) and Clara (Will turn 7 in late 2021).

Comment anywhere on the site! I’d love to debate, read your blog, anything. Especially Harry Potter debating. I read all of the comments, and try to reply to them.

See ya!

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